Monday, May 6, 2013

About me

Hello! Welcome to my blog. My name is Zaiba. I'm an IT Business Analyst from Dallas, TX. I love fashion and am obsessed with interior design. Like every girl, I love buying nice things..but I'm a strict frugal shopper.


As a kid I was pale and had huge glasses. I was really shy so I didn't have very many friends. Growing up, I was always the class nerd and  spent most of my school lunches in the library reading books. Because of my shy and dorky nature, I had a hard time fitting in. I was always very self conscious and always found faults in myself. I had curly hair so I hated it and wanted straight hair. I had fair skin so I would constantly apply tanning lotion and go sit out in the sun. It didn't help that my best friends would constantly criticize me and would make fun of these "flaws". Girls can be sooooo  very mean. As I grew up, these insecurities only got worse. I had the hardest time talking to people and constantly felt like I was being judged or criticized by anyone I met. I spent most of my nights in high school and college at home with my family watching bollywood movies or reading.

Me Now:

These past few years, I've become a super positive person and have gotten better at excepting my quirky self. Life has put me through plenty of heart aches but I've learned to find a positive in most situations. In those rare instances that I am not able to find a positive, I remind myself to just have faith in God and I try to focus on the things in my life that I love or am grateful for. Design is one of those things. I find great solace in design.

More random facts about me:

1. I am left handed
2. I love the colors pink, silver, gold, white, and black
3. I have random phases: Ex. I was obsessed with Target last month, this month it's Instagram
4. Growing up I always wanted to become an interior or fashion designer
5. I love watching football (I especially love watching Aaron Rodgers and his double check moves ;))
6. When I was 4 my grandmother and I got held up at gun point in the lobby of our apartment building in New York...sadly thats my earliest childhood memory
7. I love to travel (my favorite city is where I was born...the best in the world..New York City)
8. One day my sister and I borrowed a neighbors ladder to break into our own home through my bedroom window (that's probably the craziest thing I've ever done...told you I'm super nerdy)
9. I am very very clumsy...I'm always burning myself in the kitchen or tripping for no reason
10. My family is from India but I just recently did a testing and found out I'm part Mediterranean
11. I absolutely love Thai food
12. I would love to learn how to play golf...I love Top Golf
13. I love the rain....I'm that rare weird girl that will purposely not use an umbrella and will get my hair wet in the rain
14. In school I was a complete goody detention for being late to class once but managed to cry my way out of it because I was seriously terrified I wouldn't get into college
15. I love to play video games..especially vintage ones like Mario or Diddy Kong
16. I am super competitive..I hate losing
17. If I love someone or something it's a head over heels kind of love...
18. My favorite designers are: Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Roberto Cavalli, and Diane Von Furstenberg
19. When I was a kid I was roller skating with my cousin and fell on some rocks...I still have scars on my knees from that
20. My favorite person in the world is my mom
21. My shoe size is a 5 and 1/2
22. I have a weird ocd where if something happens to the left side of my body I have to make it happen to the other side...for example if someone were to punch me on my left arm it would drive me insane until they punched me on the right arm as well
23. Italy is my dream vacation destination
24. I am horrible at calling and keeping in touch with people
25. My dream car is a Lexus hardtop convertible (don't know the model number)
26. It doesn't take a lot to make me cry...I am super sensitive
27. My favorite tv show of all times is Frasier...I have absolutely no idea why but I just love it
28. I have amazing instincts when it comes to people....too bad I don't always follow them
29. When I lived in New York I worked at an Indian Restaurant as a hostess and to my managers dismay I gave Sean Penn a really crappy table not knowing who he was...he was super sweet though
30. I love love love kids...and for some reason any kid I have ever interacted with really loves me a lot too...not sure why...wish I had that reaction on adults
31. My dream is to retire by the age of 50
32. I'm a girly girl...I love sparkly things
33. My favorite design style is hollywood regency..super glamorous
34. I plan on pursuing an Executive MBA within the next two years and my goal is to become an executive within a major Fortune 500 company by 30...ambitious but anything is possible
35. My dream is to one day own my own business...something interior design related
36. I try to be as "green" as possible....I try to take my own grocery bags or diy or refurbish furniture pieces a lot
37. A lot of people think I'm not aggressive enough or am "too nice" since I have a hard time standing up for's definitely something I am trying to change though
38. I don't love starbucks coffee...I don't get the whole starbucks craze...its good but not worth the price to me
39. I'm not crazy about diamonds, gold, or expensive doesn't impress me....the sweetest thing a guy could do for me would be to dedicate a sweet song to me...
40. I've become super health conscious and try to eat paleo as much as possible
41.  I have been working since the age of 15 and have had all kinds of weird jobs: babysitter, preschool teacher, tutor, hostess, tie sales girl at Macy's, jewelry sales girl at a gold and diamond jewelry store, McDonalds window cashier (I only lasted 4 weeks at this one... it looks easy but is super hard to take orders and exchange money all at the same time), marketing analyst, business analyst, etc.
42. My hubby tells me I don't spend enough like a normal girl (phew good problem to have)....which is weird because I always feel like I'm a shopoholic...I guess growing up we didn't have much so it doesn't take a lot to make me happy
43. My happy place is my mosque during morning prayers....I love to just sit there and meditate and reflect on my life
44. I can never remember important dates like birthdays and anniversaries (including my fact I usually forget my wedding hubby has to remind me...but to be honest birthdays and anniversaries aren't that important to me...I don't like to put too much focus or energy on just one or two "important" dates out of the year...)
45. I keep my old diaries/journals in my bank locker
46. I don't like getting flowers because I get really sad when they die
47. I'm a complete baby when I'm sick...I cry for my mommy...yes even at this age
48. If my life was a movie I'd want it to be like The Notebook
49. I went inside a club only once in my life and I was running out in 5 minutes...NOT FOR ME
50. I love dancing....especially Bollywood dancing...when no one is home I turn the music on and dance in front of the mirror