My whole life I have always known that I would fall in love or end up with a guy that's first initial is an A. I always thought it would be really neat especially since my first initial is a Z. That being said....anytime I would see the letters A and Z together I would get really excited. For example, I used to watch a show called Frasier a lot and in that show the main character had these AZ bookends on his console table. Every time I would see it I would visualize one day having a console table or bookshelf with similar bookends. Of course being the "frugal" or more like "stingy" shopper that I am I refused to buy them unless I could find some at at least 50% off or for less than $10. Well, the other day I went to a vintage flea market and I found my AZ bookends! They definitely need a makeover but they were a steal at only $2.99.

I'm not sure how I'm going to refurbish my bookends but I really love the white books. I'm thinking of getting some white wrapping paper and covering all of my books before placing them on the bookshelf.

Image via Barnesandnoble.com

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